Established 2006
Labradoodle puppies for sale
We breed Australian Labradoodles with
love for the dogs,
respect for the breed,
and integrity in all aspects of health care for our adult dogs and puppies.

We are proud to provide our Forever Families with healthy, loving and well socialized
ALD puppies.

Breeder Member
Acting President
of the
Australian Labradoodle
Club of America


It is a privilege to join
with the ALCA in their commitment to love, promote, and protect the
Authentic Australian Labradoodle.

Are you looking for...

Authentic Australian
98% non-shedding coats...
A small breeding program...
Puppies raised in a home...
Health-tested breeding dogs...
A breeder associated with a
Labradoodle organization...
2 -year health guarantee...
Less doggy-smell and dander...
A more allergy-friendly dog...
Lots of intelligence and love
from your furry friend...?


This is the right place!
Puppies for Sale, Austrlian Labradoodle puppies, puppy


We have puppies!

Lindy's first litter of 7 arrived on March 29.

Ruby's puppies are coming the week of April 7.

Nellie's litter will arrive in mid May.

~ Each litter has available pups ~

For updates, please see our Puppy Page.

If you are interested or have questions,
please go to our contact page or email us at

Our puppies all grow to be large/miniature
to medium size at adulthood,
with wavy to very wavy fleece coats.


We are also looking for guardian homes for breeding dogs, must live near Denver and meet the guardian home criteria. Contact us with questions.

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Aspen Leaf's Bear

Aspen Leaf Labradoodles

Aspen Leaf is a small family run program. All dogs and puppies
live in the heart of our home. New puppies enjoy lots of attention and handling right from birth. This increases their trust and love of human companionship. Not only is this fun for us, but good socializing provides our forever families with a loving Aspen Leaf puppy.

More on our program:

  • Our puppies are 98% non-shedding and allergy-friendly.
  • We only breed authentic Australian Labradoodles.
  • We guarantee the health of your new puppy against
    genetic diseases for two years.
  • To be emotionally healthy, dogs are meant to be with people;
    ours are treated as loved family members.
  • We are not and never will be a kennel.
  • We follow proper testing and health care for our adult
    breeding dogs.
  • We are responsible and dedicated with our breeding practices
    to ensure a healthy pet for you and your family.
Charlie Brown

"Super Puppy"

We now use the Bio Sensor or Super Puppy program beginning
at two days of age. For more details on this supplement to the socialization and handling we give all puppies, please go to our
FAQ page. We strive to continue learning and improving in
order to benefit all Aspen Leaf puppies, as well as their new families.

We have lots more information throughout our site, in addition to our FAQ see our General Information page for links to reputable breeders and helpful resources. If you aren't finding answers to your questions here, see our contact page and please email us anytime.

New pup

Breeding Dogs

All breeding dogs live as family members in our home or trusted Guardian homes. We treat all dogs and puppies with devotion and
care, and they receive lots of attention and love from their families. Healthy, well-adjusted breeding adults are then able to have healthy, balanced, people-loving puppies.

Australian Labradoodles were bred to be intuitive dogs. They have
a deep love for and strong drive to be with their people. Annie's dad needed emergency eye surgery, but then it didn't heal right. He had to spend 10 days on his left side; Annie just knew something wasn't right. Her mom sent this photo and said, "Here she is trying to help Barry heal."

The picture says it all.
And Barry is just fine now.

Loving Dogs

What do some Forever Familes have to say about Aspen Leaf Labradoodles?



Hi Amy!

It's Janet. It is going so well. Cali is amazing and we are just awestruck by her. She is so smart, is already answering commands, fetching a ball, walking on a leash and getting potty training down. Unbelievable. She is such a sweetheart and feel it was meant to be. She is strongly bonding with Lexi, and feel she is eager to get know all of us. It is adorable. It has been such an incredible experience. We all already love her so much and think she is the most adorable thing we've ever seen. We truly are in Doodle heaven.

Brian and I were joking about whether you really gave us a puppy since she is adjusting and learning so quickly. 

Thank you so much for all you do and your love for this breed. We could not be happier and now feel our family is complete.

We have been absolutely head over heels with Wendy and are so grateful we chose Aspen Leaf Labradoodles as our breeder. The process was very professional and perhaps more importantly, it was personalized. It clearly demonstrates that you really care and are passionate for your puppies. The process was seamless - from the very first phone call we made, to your weekly updates and photos, your delivery of Wendy to Miami and your follow through. We are first time puppy owners and you held our hand through this process extremely well. Wendy has met all our expectations - and then some!  We wish you much deserved continued success.

All the best,
- The Lyden's in Miami, Florida

I purchased my puppy "Maksim" from Aspen Leaf Labradoodles in January 2010, and at that time he was 4 months old. His parents are Mimi and Wilson. My puppy arrived at Newark airport on a Continental flight from Colorado, Jan-16-10. Amy ships her puppies via Continental airlines due to the fact that they have a temperature controlled cargo area. He arrived safe and sound and appeared to be in Excellent condition.  I could tell that he had been well taken care of. 

I can't say enough about Amy... she is a knowledgeable, trusting, caring professional, who raises her dogs and puppies amongst her immediate family. By the time my puppy was delivered to me, he was crate trained, almost housetrained, had a loving disposition and wanted to be included in every family activity. He also has a great non-shedding coat of fur.

- From Maksim's Mom in New York


I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Ronni.  She is
a delightful dog, and SO good!  She is great with all of our kids,
is obedient, smart as a whip and does not shed at all!  We are loving having her be a part of our family.  

Our dog trainer says "she is a sensitive dog, and is easy to train because of that."  We agree! This picture was taken the day she
arrived at the airport. Thank you for preparing such a wonderful soul
for us, we feel truly blessed!

- From Ronni's Mom in California

Ali and Lola

Little Lola is doing great.  She got the full bill of health from our wonderful vet and he was very helpful with some tips on puppy behavior and training. Lola's been going for walks with me on the trail and she sure can keep up with my 4 mile walk.  She then comes home and still has some energy left to play before she passes out on her pillow. We also took her to a public park and she did fantastic.  Her attraction to kids is amazing. She's become totally playful, curious and definitely more confident.  We're also extremely happy that in addition to being so sweet she has a funny character.  It's a great combination

We have also been asked about Lola's breeder a few times and we've given them your website. We also went on and on about your care and attention for Lola and our vet was very impressed.

Thank you again for all you've done to make Lola's transition easier.

- From Lola's Mom in Washington

I am a veterinarian in Denver CO and I purchased my puppy, Ajax,
in February 2011 when he was 4 months old. I specifically chose a labradoodle puppy because my son is allergic to dogs. While no dog
can be truly hypoallergenic, dogs that shed less tend to be a better fit
for people with allergies. When I first contacted Amy about getting a labradoodle, she was incredibly helpful and thorough as she gave me information on the different types of coats that labradoodles can have and which are best for people with allergies. We've had Ajax for over
6 months now, and my son's allergies are fine.

Ajax is one of the best puppies I've ever been around, and I've been around a lot of puppies! He is calm, sweet, and affectionate, but he is also playful with my son. I have had many people tell me that he's the
best doodle that they've ever met.

I recommend Amy and her Australian Labradoodles wholeheartedly,
and am so glad that I got my puppy from her.

- Sincerely, Shelly Sandel, DVM
To the right are Aspen Leaf siblings, Dexter and Paisley,...or is it Paisley and Dexter....well it's 2 super cute dogs anyway!
Dexter Paisley


Aspen Leaf Labradoodles breeds Authentic Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles with bloodlines from
Rutland Manor and Tegan Park. We are a smaller breeding program and want to keep it that way. While Aspen
Leaf may not have the selection and range of puppies available, we are committed to socializing our puppies daily,
and keeping a close eye on the temperament and personality of each and every puppy that lives in our home. 
We choose to remain a smaller operation to be effective at this important job. Having sufficient one-on-one time
ensures that we are able to match puppies with families very well, first listening to your situation and needs,
and blending that with our knowledge of individual puppies’ likes, dislikes and personalities.

We strive to make sure your purchase of an Aspen Leaf puppy gives you the high-quality, well socialized and
sound family member that you will love for many wonderful years to come. We respect the investment that you
are making and the trust that you place in our commitment to the health and happiness of your new puppy.

In addition to these services and focus for our program and to our familes, we are Breeder Members in good
standing with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America, or ALCA. We are also proud to serve on the Board.
The fact that we have committed to a Breeders' Organization gives you the assurance that proper health testing
has been done for all breeding dogs, and the pedigree you receive is authentic and verified by the association.
Most importantly, we share the vision of the ALCA to preserve and protect this outstanding breed of dog.
For more information, please visit their website at

Customer service is one priority in which we take extra special care. For our puppies to find a loving forever home,
we must first and foremost be available to you to answer any questions that you might have during the adoption process. We are also available for the lifetime of your Aspen Leaf puppy. You may not have questions now,
but there might be something later – certainly contact us at any time.t
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Loving and protecting the Australian Labradoodle.