'Sofie's' family planned, and waited for months, and finally took her home in 2014. Sofie Hunter 'Hunter' has lived with Bob and Sue in Denver since 2013.
henry ''Henry' (black
puppy in front)
now has three
boys to play with
in Albuhcurkee, Albequr..Alba....??
...New Mexico!
In 2013 'Annie' moved to a loft in downtown Denver, she's now a
'Maksim' at one year old - a beautiful and distinguished silver boy. He lives in
New York with
his family.
Maksim Schroeder 'Schroeder' with
his Denver kids
in Oct. 2010.
(He's the one in
the Labradoodle costume!)

'Ronni' in California
with her family in
2009. Ronni loves sunsets and long
walks on the beach.

'Lola' with her family
in Seattle. She loves going on walks,
and playing fetch.
She's become a celebrity at the
local Starbucks.
In 2009 'Bruggen' moved to Colorado Springs. "He is so
quick to learn and eager to please.
He is a joy to
have around"
Bruggen Charlie 'Charlie' got his Denver forever
family in 2010.
The photo is from their vacation
in beautiful Grand Lake, Colorado.

'Bailey' was
adopted in 2006
and now lives in
New England.
Her pastime is
barking at little
red squirrels.

'Buddy' on the
east coast with his family in 2006.
He's now a Patriots fan - forgetting
his Denver
Bronco roots!
'Sheila' and her person share an autumn walk near Denver, one of
their favorite
things to do.
Cam and Sheila sleeping 'Paisley' was adopted by her big sister 'Duffy' in 2013, and they love to doze together.


More Doodles,...






and Fun!

A story about a puppy named "Never"


Never moved to the west coast to live with her family. They decided to train her as a therapy dog. She is very smart, and they describe her as 'sweet and calm and soft'...
She goes to school as
a reward for children that have done their reading. They get to pick out a
book and read it to a dog. They get to keep the book. But not the dog....
Never also works with special needs children,
she helps them interact
and feel comfortable around dogs. The perfect thing to do if you are sweet and calm and soft!...
Labradoodles were originally bred to be companion and therapy dogs. Never loves her
work and all the attention.
Children and adults
love her right back!

Click on the link below
to see Skipper in 2011, after he won "Best Dog"
in Massachusetts.


This was Skipper in
2006. He enjoys summertime which
he spends piloting his
boat and touring the
NE coast.
Is my tiara straight?
'Dexter' showing that yes, Doodles do love water.
Dexter's sister Paisley:
"Are we going for a ride, huh? Are we huh, are we arewearewearewehuh??"
sMolly FLMolly lives with the Pino family in Florida, she moved there just before Christmas of 2013.

See - Labradoodles
ARE smart. Someday Annie hopes to earn
her Dogterate.

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