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Please see our FAQ page for more details about our focus and puppies.

Some information about Australian Labradoodles
Who’s a Doodle
?  There is confusion over the types of Labradoodles. 
Aspen Leaf breeds Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. We strive
to uphold the vision of the founders of the breed, Rutland Manor and Tegan Park.  Australian Labradoodles have been painstakingly researched and intentionally bred and need no additional infusion (mixes) with other breeds.

Coat - Wool or fleece coats can be curly, wavy, or relaxed. The curlier the
coat, the less shedding. Our puppies are mostly wavy and curly fleece,
very low shed to completely non shedding. The colors of our puppies vary,
and the color might change from darker to lighter as your pup grows - at 18 months of age, your dog will be its final color if there is any change

About our dogs – We only breed Australian Labradoodles with Australian Labradoodles to produce puppies with consistently mild temperaments,
low-to non-shedding coats, solid conformation, soundness, and great intuition and love for people.  When selecting breeding dogs, we look first at temperament and response to people, second at conformation and soundness, thirdly at coat-type and color.

Doodles and Breeders are not all created equal – Be aware and educated about the different types of Doodles and the best fit for you.  And we ask that you also please be aware about the very real issue of puppy mills. Check out any breeder from whom you are planning to buy a puppy. If you have concerns, trust your instincts and find someone else.

*The following is a paraphrase of our understanding about the Australian Labradoodle and what to look for in your dog.  For official breed standards and more information, please visit the Australian Labradoodle Club of America website (link above at ALCA).

Size – Miniature Labradoodles stand 14-16 inches at the shoulder,
Mediums are 17-20 inches tall, Standard are 21-24 inches tall. At adulthood, Labradoodle bodies should be leanly fleshed-out with no protruding backbone or ribs. Aspen Leaf has mostly medium size, with occasional miniatures.

Movement – Labradoodles should move with ease, grace, and energy, appearing to exert little effort while running, jumping and playing.

Behavior – a non-aggressive dog, they should hold steady eye contact, frequently ‘check in’ on their people, melt and relax when held, possess
a soft mouth, and have a calm, confident and playful demeanor.

Training – Labradoodles are highly intelligent, sensitive and intuitive dogs. Harsh methods can frighten and confuse them.  Your dog will respond best
to love, consistent praise-based training and lots of positive reinforcement.

What to look for in your puppy – bright and clear eyes, energy and enthusiasm when playing, a clean matt-free coat, an overall look of happiness and health, a desire to be with people.

Learning never stops and we try to continually gather information about the breed, health, training and care of our dogs and puppies.  Please feel free
to email us with questions. If we don’t have the answer, we will find it.

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